Financial Services Canada

Financial Services Canada 2017/18, 20th Edition

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Canadian Venture Capital

Canadian Venture Capital

Financial Services Canada is the only master file of current contacts and information that serves the needs of the entire financial services industry in Canada. With over 36,000 financial-related executives and hard-to-find business information, Financial Services Canada is the most up-to-date source for names and contact numbers of industry professionals, senior executives, portfolio managers, financial advisors, agency bureaucrats and elected representatives.

This guide provides you with the most current details on each company, including: name, title, organization, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and web addresses.

Financial Services Canada also includes private company listings never before compiled and association and consultant services - to ensure that you'll never miss a client or a contact. Current listings include:

  • Banks and branches
  • Non-depository institutions
  • Stock exchanges and brokers
  • Investment management firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Major accounting and law firms
  • Financial associations
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