Canadian Parliamentary Guide

Canadian Parliamentary Guide 2017

Grey House Publishing Canada
© March 2017
ISBN: 978-1-68217-524-8
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-68217-525-5
1,162 pages
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""This annual publication is an essential and up-to-date reference for Canadian government and politics."

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Published annually since before Confederation, the Canadian Parliamentary Guide is a valuable guide, which provides information on elected and appointed members in our federal and provincial governments. This edition of the Canadian Parliamentary Guide is our most current, with over 2,800 biographical sketches. Whether you are a journalist, law student, archivist or simply an individual with an interest in Canadian politics, youíll save time and find the essential information you need with this concise, yet complete research tool.

Updates for 2017 include the 2015 Federal Election results with a newly elected Prime Minister and Liberal majority government, biographies reflecting changes in Senate, House of Commons, Courts, and provincial legislatures and updated voting results for recent by-elections and provincial elections in ON, NB, QC, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

In total, the Canadian Parliamentary Guide contains 2,812 biographical sketches. These include members of the Governor Generalís Household, the Privy Council, members of Canadian legislatures (House of Commons and the Senate, provincial and territorial), members of the Federal Superior Courts and the senior staff for these institutions. The sketches provide descriptions of each of the institutions, including brief historical information in text and chart format and significant facts (e.g., number of members and their salaries).

The main body of the book concludes with profiles on Federal Superior Courts that include: Supreme Court; Federal Court; Federal Court of Appeal; Court Martial Appeal Court; Tax Court of Canada. Each profile begins with a brief description of the Court, its history, role, and list of judges. The Canadian Parliamentary Guide also supplies descriptions of each institution, including brief historical information, significant facts and the results of all general federal elections and by-elections from Confederation to today, and provincial elections up to and including March 2016.

Available in hardcover print and electronically via the web, the Canadian Parliamentary Guide provides instant access to the government officials you need and the facts you want. Ongoing changes are added to the web version on a regular basis. Use the online database to narrow your search by using special index fields such as institution, province and name.

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